USB-C port is not working on Acer Nitro AN515-43

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The only USB-C port on my Acer Nitro AN515-43 is not working. When i connect my phone, it only charges it, no data transfer pop up comes in my phone. This happened with another USB-C device too. Please help.


  • Anthe
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    did you solve it? I have the same problem

  • Balatekie
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    I understand that you have mobile connectivity issue with laptop. As a work around, you can try resetting the BIOS to default. Click here to get instructions on resetting BIOS to default.

    After resetting BIOS, try connecting your phone and check. Hope this works.

    If issue persists, please respond back with answers for below questions, to isolate the issue.

    1. What is the phone type...Android or iOS or Windows?
    2. Was your phone working earlier with laptop?
    3. was there any changes made in the laptop or phone recently?

    Awaiting for your response!



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