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Hello, one of the hinges on my Acer Aspire laptop has broken. Looking at the internet, this seems to be a common issue with these laptops, as the plastic that forms the hinge is quite thin, and in this case it has just shattered. Its about three years old and out of warranty. My question is how much something like this will cost to repair and is it economical to do so? It is a real shame as I really like the laptop, it has always been reliable and easy to use, its just the hinge that has now let it down.


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    since its a physical damage kindly contact acer support  
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    @JLC556 which model do you have? Hinge replacement isn't too tough but often it requires repairing the mounting holes if the screws have broken loose. Epoxy or something similar can be used to fix that, usually followed by several hours or more sitting to get a strong enough hold to allow reassembly. If you can give me the full model number (something like A715-41G-R7X4) I can look up the part numbers for the hinges.
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    Hi all!
    My son's laptop has a hinge problem.  Only on the left hinge. When you open or close the laptop, the hinge is really snug and is pulling apart the screen from the clamshell case.  It works fine if you pitch that area really tight but its just stiff and hard to move.... I can tell this problem is only going to get worse.  The model is a R751T, purchased on March 9th, 2020. I called customer service but they wanted $206 to fix!  Purchased at Best Buy but they say it was user error. Insane and not fair as this is a back up machine and hardly ever gets used as the kids school supplied their school computers.  Any suggestion? The S/N is NXGPZAA0019191359C7600. maybe I can glue.  No screw seem to be loose only a super tight hinge.  Thanks for any and all help!
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    On many of them you can open it up, back the nut off on that hinge and set it in place with some Loctite blue. That side tightens slightly each time you move it...
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