My Z5WBH Laptop does not allow me to enter a password on the Wireless Network window.

TTELaptopTTELaptop Member Posts: 1 New User
Keyboard works in all other programs.  I click on the "connect to a wireless network" and it allows me to select my internet connection.  Nothing works from my keyboard to enter the password.  I tried typing the password on WORD and cutting and pasting to the window but it does not take.  Anyone have any ideas?

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  • ragsak28ragsak28 Ally Posts: 677
    Hi @TTELaptop

    You can try to re install the network drivers and check with it. Please find the below image to un install the drivers. [Make sure that you un install the correct drivers.] You have to reboot the computer again to re install the drivers.

    Checking Wireless or Network Adapter Driver Status Easily in Windows 10

    Hope it will help you in some way.
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