ALT / F10 doesn't work

alizie Member Posts: 1 New User
ALT / F10 doesn't work. I get the "please wait" screen and blue recovery screen flashed, but it doesn't stay. I don't have recovery media. It's Optane, so I think I can't download Windows 10 from MS.


  • jaywalking1424
    jaywalking1424 Member Posts: 1 New User
    I have the same issue but until now i can't solve the issue :( Please Help
  • billsey
    billsey ACE Posts: 32,697 Trailblazer
    When Alt-F10 doesn't work it usually means the recovery image has been overwritten by Windows. You have to either use the Windows reset procedure or reinstall from a flash drive.
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  • Easwar
    Easwar Member Posts: 6,727 Guru
    Hi @jaywalking1424,

    May I know the full model name of your unit.