Power/ lamp projector problems( Acer H6510BD

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  • PhillipJones
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    jpfaraco said:
    I have the same problem. I have a H6510BD since 2013, never had any issues nor had to change the lamp. I never saw the lamp replacement message and one day I turned it on and the issue came up - I turn it on, blue power LED flashes repeatedly as the projector seems to try to turn on the lamp about 3 times, until ultimately the blue power LED and the red lamp LED stay on. The manual says this means "Error (lamp breakdown)". 

    I got a new lamp, installed it and got the same response.

    I opened the projector up to check for dust and there was surprisingly not much dust to clean out. Still getting no response from the lamp.

    Weird thing is that the first time I got this issue, I turned the projector off and on again and everything worked fine until I turned it off. But then the following time I turned it on the issue happened again and I haven't seen it light up the lamp since. 

    Exactly the same problem here but with the H6502BD. Thought I needed a new lamp after only 1250 hours, exactly the same issue with a new genuine lamp. Tried the power drain, removing all HDMI cables before power up etc...

    Anybody any ideas or even better, does Acer even recognise this fault with these models??
  • PhillipJones
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    So, I take it nobody has a solution to this then?
    Well alot can happen in 24 hours! Found out the warranty had expired on my unit so this morning decided to get the tools out!
    Found it to be a fault with the colour wheel. Stripped the whole unit down, removed the colour wheel & gave it a good clean inside where the sensor is. Also clean the metal strip that the sensor reads as it spins. Tested the unit & it the lamp has fired up everytime since putting it back together!

    Probably not a long term solution as will eventually need a new colour wheel fitting but a temporary solution at least.
    Now I'm gonna kick back & enjoy the Beastie Boys Story on my 92" screen, happy Friday!
  • nasa23
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    I am having this problem and tried to clean the wheel like you said but still same problem. Help!!