Acer Aspire 7 A715-75G battery is draining super quick

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Hi, I bought an Acer Aspire 7 roughly a month ago. This exact model from, and ive been using it since then and the battery seems to die quick. I left it on from full charge and it went from 100% to 17% within 3 hours and 49 mins. Here are pictures to show. Im concerned as that drained quite fast for what I was doing on the laptop which was essentially nothing. Had a few tabs open and had youtube playing in the background for music. Just simple internet browsing. No movies no games just looking through amazon, checking mail etc. Half the time I was on my phone and wasnt even actively using the laptop it was just on. I was doing all this on the Opera Gx browser, since thats the only search engine I use. Please help. Is the battery supposed to die this quick, if thats the case im going to have to get a refund as being a uni student this is going to be an unreliable battery length.
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    I am also using the Acer Aspire 7, and I use it as my Personal Laptop the same way you are using it. I turn this on, and I might use my office setup most of the time

    Right now, mine was showing 6hr at 90 percent, given I am not doing any GPU-intensive tasks or that brightness is low. By seeing your battery estimate, it's pretty standard for this lineup, and you may get it improved in coming updates. The same happened to me

    on the first days. My backup was poor, but after updating to Windows, it was decent enough to carry outside or on a journey for 3- 4 hours

    I hope your battery backup will improve in the coming days, and all the best to your college.


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