Predator Cestus 500 all buttons stopped working.

brrrr05brrrr05 Member Posts: 1 New User
I used this Predator Cestus 500 last night and it was working fine until the next day. When I plugged it into my laptop, the cursor kept flashing in the screen when I moved the mouse, and all the buttons and lights (except for the right side strip) had stopped working. I've had this mouse for almost a year and the only problems I've had is the right click not working. Is there a solution to this?

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  • JameswalterJameswalter Member Posts: 71 Troubleshooter

    Sadly those micro switches have some lifespan, I had fixed a lot of mouse due to this issues. You will need to open up, and check on it, lookout for any dry solder joints too. If you have some soldering skills, considering replacing the microswitch first.

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