Sound - A315-34

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Recently purchased less than two weeks ago, sound from laptop was working.  Since Windows 10 update on Sept 8, sound has only worked with HDMI connected to LCDTV.  Nada on laptop.  Since update, I have uninstalled drivers, had computer re-install drivers, tried to re-install drivers manually. downloaded drivers from acer website, installed acer drivers, downloaded drivers from various other websites, only to get no sound.

I run Musicbee as my music player, and Musicbee can't even detect a sound card, but play my music via HDMI and it plays through the speakers on my tv.

What now?


  • Joe9844
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    Try to set the laptop's speakers as default.
  • Argus
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    Tried that but speakers are still dead.
  • Argus
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    Alex, after i wrote (complained) about my problem, drivers were made available for my sound card.  The 'new' drivers might help you, but I had no sound whatsoever coming from my computer, only via HDMI.