Odd problem Aspire a315-56

J2khamJ2kham Member Posts: 2 New User
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Acer Aspire a315-56

While viewing scrollable pages (Word, YouTube, any program) the page scrolls to the bottom intermittently.  

 I have played with mousepad, scroll keys, etc.  

 once it happens, scrolling UP will cause it to move up, but immediately scrolls all the way DOWN.  

   Even weirder, if I tap and drag the scroll bar upwards, it continually “Fights” between the area I have scrolled to, and “Full Down” position. 

This machine is a few days old, and began doing this as soon as I began using it.  

  Additionally, every attempt I have made to register the laptop has resulted in “system unavailable” message as I try.  

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  • pulkitking24pulkitking24 Member Posts: 109 Skilled Fixer
    first go to touchpad setting in windows 10 setting and you will find scrolling direction below scroll and zoom option try changing direction from there 
  • J2khamJ2kham Member Posts: 2 New User
    That was addressed previously and been adjusted since.  

    I/o driver update
    Touchpad driver update

    hitting num lock  reveals a stuck 1 key

    Page down key also stuck

    windows update done

    completely been through all I know to do.

    Reset all the “update on restart” features that are absolutely ridiculous in windows 10.

    i have put more hours into this device than any I have owned. Ever.  

    I dont expect the top of top of the line for what was paid, but for 380 tax and all, I’m about to give up and refund it after all of this.   

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