When plugging in Nitro AN515-53 command prompt pops up along with an option to open a file

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When I choose notepad, this is the following text: ⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭ瑳牡⵴ⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭഭഊ倊湩楧杮ㄠ㜲〮〮ㄮ眠瑩⁨㈳戠瑹獥漠⁦慤慴ഺ刊灥祬映潲㈱⸷⸰⸰㨱戠瑹獥㌽′楴敭ㄼ獭吠䱔ㄽ㠲਍敒汰⁹牦浯ㄠ㜲〮〮ㄮ›祢整㵳㈳琠浩㱥洱⁳呔㵌㈱സ刊灥祬映潲㈱⸷⸰⸰㨱戠瑹獥㌽′楴敭ㄼ獭吠䱔ㄽ㠲਍敒汰⁹牦浯ㄠ㜲〮〮ㄮ›祢整㵳㈳琠浩㱥洱⁳呔㵌㈱സഊ倊湩⁧瑳瑡獩楴獣映牯ㄠ㜲〮〮ㄮഺ †倠捡敫獴›敓瑮㴠㐠‬敒散癩摥㴠㐠‬潌瑳㴠〠⠠┰氠獯⥳ബ䄊灰潲楸慭整爠畯摮琠楲⁰楴敭⁳湩洠汩楬猭捥湯獤ഺ †䴠湩浩浵㴠〠獭‬慍楸畭‽洰ⱳ䄠敶慲敧㴠〠獭਍䌢尺牐杯慲楆敬⁳砨㘸尩潎屸ഢⴊⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭ湥ⵤⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭ਍

Does anyone know why this is happening and how to resolve this?


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