ph315-52 My external microphone won't work nor will the internal

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I have a coolmasters mh650 headset and a new laptop helios 300 predator and the headset doesn't seem to pick up the mic from the headset but only picks up the internal microphone. the mute button is turned off and still it doesn't seem to pick up the external that comes with the headset.

When I go to control panel, sound, recording it shows only stereo mix and microphone array even with disabled view turned on. it won't pick up the external from the headset.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the audio drivers and still nothing.

When I got this computer 2 weeks ago did a system update via windows update it corrupted the entire ssd and safe mode and the reinstall partition. I had to reinstall windows 10 with a thumb drive and a windows 10 installer. idk if this is the issue.

Also when I update the sound card or uninstall then reinstall, i have to turn off enhancing under sound for my sound to work. On top of that when i unplug and plug my headset back in it gives me an option to pic mic in, speakers, headphones, headset. when I click headset, sound works but not the mic. and under settings and sound it only shows speaker or headphones no headset.

The microphone on my headset works on my tablet and an old laptop so idk why it doesn't work on this new laptop helios predator ph315-52.. please help. idk what else to do.

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