Predator Helios 300 (2019) Model PH315-52 shuts off immediately

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Last night i was using the laptop with some process running, and it just showed from no where the windows 10 turn off screen and after that my probem started.

My predator laptop keeps shutting off immediately on startup. The power button alone won’t turn it on. I have to press multiple other keys on the keyboard (Power button most of time don't turn nothing) then the keyboard lights up and screen try to turn on but then it immediately turns off. If i try many time to try to turn on pressing any key sometimes it turn on and the screen display the predator logo flashes on the screen and bios sound (i have the sound turn off, i think the bios restart all setting at some point trying to turning on several times the laptop), and then it immediately turns off with a very audible click.

I found out that if the laptop turn on with predator logo and sound i can keep the laptop on as long as I’m constantly pressing any key on the keyboard, but once I stop pressing any keys, it shuts off in seconds.

When keep any key pressed i can boot windows and log in normal, can see all my ram, SSD, etc.

Is there a way to fix this or which part of the laptop have problems.


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    I’m currently having the same issue

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    Try the simple rest by doing the below steps:

    If the above doesn't work, you need to disconnect the main battery and RTC/bios battery and ram for about 5min and reconnect as that should do a hard reset of your laptop and fix your problem. The symptoms that you are experiencing is because your startup chip is frozen and needs resetting, if the above does not work then there are other issues like, your keyboard power button, primary power stage problems with the 19v or the 3.3v circuitries that all need analyzing and fixing by an experienced tech