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Microsoft teredo Tunneling Adapter Has driver Problems

rodcrodc Posts: 3Member

Hello registering for first time and posting too. Ive never had problems with my Acer Aspire 7540 Notebook, its a windows 7 64bit. Recently Ive noticed very often there are crackling noises coming from some audio sources, they are mainly when looking online, not so much when using WMP. As a result I had a quick look around my PC and found I have an "!" mark at the icon for Notebook. It states that this Teredo Tunneling Adapter has driver problems. I have tried following the on screen instructions to fix this but it came up unsuccesfull and "Further Details" state that there is a "Problem with PNP Devices".

I had a look on google and tried the advice of going to my Network Connections and seleced Wireless Network Connection, right clicked on Properties and confirmed that  IPV6 (TCP/IPv6) was enabled, so I guess I can rule out that as a problem.

There are also  Local Area Connection and Wireless Network Connection 2 listed under Network Connections both have red "x" next to them. I use wireless as does my mother on her Acer laptop. LAC states "Network Cable Unplugged, WNC2 states "not connected".

I came on to Acer to reinstall driver, but when entering my S/n number or SNID it comes up model not recognised. When entering ACer ASpire 7540 a list of drivers came up but nothing called Teredo.


Would really appreciate any help anyone can give. Dont even know if this driver will fix sound issues, or if my speakers are simply gone (lol), but would like to make sure I have everything working as good as can be.

Thanks again 

Rod Smiley Happy


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