Chromebook CB315-2HT, Linux, sound driver I installed it and still no sound

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I was gifted a Chromebook CB315-2HT last Christmas.  It uses Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Device 15b3.  The sound works fine in ChromeOS.  However, I found the Chromebook pretty useless for what I do, so I loaded a special firmware from mrchromebox so I have linux Mint installed in its place and boot straight to linux.  The sound, however, does not work.  Since the last I knew ChromeOS was supposedly built around the linux kernel I assume it has a driver for the sound that is compatible with the linux kernel.  Since the latest and greatest kernel 5.8 came out and it was to include a lot of driver updates I installed it and still no sound.  So - does anyone have a name, source, etc., for the sound driver?  I believe Google calls this CB "Aleena".
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    did you ever get it figured out?

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    Your kernel isn't the Chromebook kernel that has sound drivers compiled in, you need to deal with the Mint developers to get the right drivers.

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    Go to the Mint start menu. Open software manager. Search 'pavu'. Install PulseAudioVolumeControl if not already installed. Reboot.

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