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I am currently trying to re-install Windows 7 on my father's Acer Aspire 5742 laptop. However, it seems that I need an eRecovery CD/DVD since after re-installing Windows 7, I still cannot boot. Not sure I understand why I would need a eRecovery CD/DVD since no other manufacturer that I know requires this nonsense... Also, I live in CANADA... So, if the Canadian Acer website sends me to the Acer US site to purchase the eRecovery CD/DVD,  I expect them to be able to ship the darn thing to CANADA. No option is listed when you add it to your cart to have if shipped here.


TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY, if your Acer laptop is out of warranty, you cannot even try to talk to someone from Acer unless you pay!!!! How can I say nicely that so far, I am not very impressed with Acer.... 




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    The Acer store is unable to ship to Canada right now, hopefully this is only temporary. 


    But you could talk to someone by calling the number on their site,

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    @Netrunner, fully agree and empathise with you. I have been through an ordeal recently while my Acer Aspire 5742G notebook is covered under a 3rd party extended warranty, and Acer has conveniently washed its hands off such cases for support. As you mentioned the Acer Support staff don't even guide / have a conversation if one is not covered under their warranty.

    I managed to get my notebook repaired (motherboard replaced) by the 3rd party under whose extended warranty I am now, but after considerable follow-ups and escalations at the 3rd party's end. Sad, Acer never intervened to help me out and I ended up waiting for over 50 days to get my notebook back after repair.

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    I just spoke with someone in the Acer support department. He was quit surprised to find out that the system will only allow US residents to order a recovery disk. My HD has crashed, and I really need to geta recovery disk ASAP...!


    When will Canadians be able to order recovery disks???

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    I agree with you entirely.  I haven't been able to use my netbook for over two years, because it is impossible to get a recovery CD or download from Acer.  I wrote to Acer about this and the reply I got was very dismissive.  I am extremely disappointed in Acer's service.

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    Would a recovery disk from a laptop in the UK work ?

    If so you could get a copy from someone in the UK ? I would have thought

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