Projector H5370BD manual for filter cleaning

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My Acer H5370BD projector is having some problems, and I tried to find a manual online with instructions on how to clean the dust inside. The manual I found on the acer website after typing in my serial nr or model shows the same device, but completely different set up of screws and filters. On the manual it displays easy buttons to unpin the filters, but that is not what i have. How do I clean it? 

Btw, my issue with the projector is, that after running for couple of minutes, it starts to flicker, and displays mostly black and white colors, after few seconds of that, it either turns off, or goes back to normal. When it switches off, it beeps, goes black, and then a red diode is flickering on the top.  


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    This is probably the one you found.

    User Manual

    User Manual








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