screen flashes random colours, tried resetting the monitor but still same issue

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It seems after I've had the monitor turned off for a significant amount of time, I turn it back on and it flashes a cycle of colours including white, grey, blue, red, black, green, and a checkerboard. I've been able to solve it through power resetting the monitor but it doesn't work the first try every time and I'd like a proper solution.

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  • Owais
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    I just bought a brand new Nitro EDO series gaming monitor and this is my second day using it. I’ve had the same issue with my monitor just flashing random colours for no reason it fixes itself after a few minutes but I can’t find a real fix, any help would be appreciated on how to fix it.
  • milesmw
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    Just bought a 27 Inch EDO gaming monitor and it occasionally flashes different colours Ever found a permanent solution to this issue?