Acer 5750G CPU Upgrade

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Hello everyone,

I have an older acer aspire 5750G-6480 that came with an i3-2310M and I wanted to know if an upgrade to the i7-2820QM or i7-2860QM would be possible with my motherboard. I've read about some motherboard revisions supporting quad core cpus while other dont, however I cant seem to find any compatibility info about my specific version.

Motherboard: P5WE0 LA-6901P MB.RFF02.004
Bios: v1.20
Graphics: GT 520M
Ram: 8GB



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    The 5750G is a socket G2 Intel Gen 2 cpu, It comes with OEM cpu's of i3, i5 or i7? The 5750G came with different spec cpu's e.g. like with either the lower spec i3-2310M (which you have) to the middle spec i5-2410M or the higher spec i7-2630QM option.

    Lets see the upgrade scenarios of your i3-2310M to the top of the range that the 5750G came with the i7-2630QM the "Relative Performance Specs" could give you up to 98% relative performance increase and from the i3-2350M to the i7-2720QM of as high as 116%, its all relative of how suitable these cpu's are:
    1. If you upgrade the i3-2310M to the i5-2410M its at 91% upgrade chance.
    2. If you upgrade the i3-2310M to the i7-2630QM its a 82% upgrade chance, most compatible is the  i5-2540M and i7-2620M at 91%
    3. If you upgrade the i3-2310M to the i7-2720QM 82% upgrade chance.
    Note: You cant just upgrade to the biggest and highest socket G2 2nd Gen Intel spec  cpu, as it will either not be suitable for the chipset and/or slow your laptop down to an unworkable level.

    In saying all this, this is my personal experience with what I've had and that is with an Acer Aspire 5750-2414 which is virtually the same laptop as the 5750G but doesn't come with the GeForce GT 520M graphics as it only has the Intel HD 3000 graphics (which your 5750G also comes with) and this is my experience with upgrading:

    1. I upgraded the standard i5-2410M cpu that the 5750-2414 came with to the i5-2540M which was in my experience, the most suitable overall for the 5750-2414 mainboard and the chipset HM65, which is the same chipset that you have in your 5750G.
    2. Second, I upgraded the 5750-2414 from the i5-2540M (2 cores 4 threads 2.6 GHz to 3.3 GHz, L3 cache 3MB) to upper spec i7-2720QM which (4 cores 8 threads and a 2.2 GHz to 3.3 GHz, L3 cache 6MB) but this cpu wasn't as suitable to the HM65 chipset and slowed the laptop down in certain applications not all, but in its speed of processing and fluency overall as the i5-2540M was more fluent and the power supply and overall laptop worked much more fluently.

    What I would do is look at the specs of the max spec 5750G that comes with the i7-2630QM so consider that as an upgrade. If you want a bigger and max i7 cpu? Then the most that is suitable and I would suggest is the i7-2720QM.

    Btw, with the 5750G the highest and biggest spec Intel 2nd Gen cpu quoted for these type of socket G2 laptop is the i7-2960XM (which is a pretty expensive cpu even today) but, I don't think that its compatibility of 36% is worth taking the risk of an upgrade if it will not work with your 5750G. Hope this helps, cheers and stay safe!
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    Would you have to change the bios and/or coreboot to upgrate to those CPUs?
  • AhornSyrup
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    Would a coreboot/bios mod allow for a higher CPU?