Acer aspire e1 571

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I have had an acer aspire e1 571 for a while. In that time i have ran into many battery problems which manifest by the laptop not taking any charge. First i replaced the charger which solved the problem for a while. Then it returned and i replaced the charger a 2nd time which again solved the problem for a while longer but again it returned. This time i replaced both the battery and the charger. After that the new battery began to drain quicker and quicker until it needed to be plugged in all the time. Now when i plug in my laptop the charging light comes on for a few seconds and it charges but after that the light switches off and the laptop stops charging. When i remove the battery and keep it plugged in the charging light does not come on nor does the laptop charge at all even for a few seconds unlike before. Im really confused and any help will be appreciated. The laptop may be old but its still in good shape apart from this problem and has some decents specs and so i dont want to replace it. 

Thank you.