Can you increase vram on aspire 3 a315-41-r58x Advanced touchpad option vanished and it can't be use

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So,I've got an aspire 3 a315-41-r58x - ryzen 5 2500u apu with vega 8 igpu
Right now,the igpu only gets 1 gb of vram,and it can be increased to 2 gb (saw other guys with 2 gb of vram,amd said it can have 2 gb of vram)
Doesn't have an option to increase in bios,so I was wondering if any of you know a method to increase vram.

Also,after updating to the latest bios,the advanced touchpad option vanished and it can't be used anymore (at least on my laptop) so can I activate it without the bios option or do I need to install an older bios version?
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