acer aspire 3 A315 left side hinge is broken.

butac123 Member Posts: 1 Newbie
my acer aspire 3 A315 left side hinge is broken. are all acer aspire hinge the same?
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  • Jack22
    Jack22 ACE Posts: 3,619 Pathfinder
    No, the hinge varies from one aspire to another
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  • Shantal2023
    Shantal2023 Member Posts: 1 New User

    I have the same problem with exactly same model, it looks like it was a manufacture problem for this Serie.

    Is Acer fixing this problem? How can I get it fixed?

  • Hi! What is the exact model? Example A515-51-5890. The hinges are different for each model.

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  • GTSean
    GTSean Member Posts: 5 New User
    edited September 2023

    hi all

    I am new to the Acer community, however I am having the same problem. I purchased my Acer Aspire 3 A315 during August 2022 and I am noticing a cracking noise from the left hand side hinge every time I open the laptop up. I dont use this laptop everyday, probably once a week and do not understand how this has happened. I am used to HP's poor build quality, so I have always opened the laptop up slowly and with care.

    how do I put in a warranty claim to have this fixed? Located in South Africa

    Many thanks, Sean

  • billsey
    billsey ACE Posts: 31,110 Trailblazer

    You will have to contact Acer support for your locale.

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