Touchpad stopped working on new Aspire 5

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Hi! The touchpad stopped working on our 1-month-old Aspire 5 running Windows 10. We've searched help topics and tried the following without success:
1. Pressed FN + F6 and FN + F7.
2. Entered the BIOS to try to switch between Basic and Advanced on the Main tab. We did not find an item about the touchpad at all in here ... no Basic and no Advanced to toggle between.
3. Entered Device Manager and tried to update the drivers for the Mice tab and the Human Interface tab. We found a touchpad entry only under Human Interface. We updated all drivers including the Mice listings (which I think are for the external wireless mouse we're using) and in all cases were told the best driver was already installed.

No luck. Tried Acer chat tech support yesterday and was quickly advised to send in the laptop for repair. 

Is there anything else we can try at home before shipping in our laptop?  Thank you for your ideas!