Acer X133PWH projector bulb blew hard - is new bulb all I need?

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Hey guys,

I'm new here. A proud owner of an Acer X133PWH projector... I was watching a film on it last night, as I heard a loud BOOOM and the image stopped. The projector was still running (showing TEMP and LAMP lights). I plugged out the power cord as quick as I could.

Today I opened up the projector and saw what had happened. The bulb definitely blew hard, but also this small piece of glass that attaches to the other end of the casing for the bulb has broken. Also I'm not sure if something inside the little box that I imagine leads to the sensor has broken. Please see the pictures to understand better:

1) the bulb obviously blew

2) Perhaps it's hard to see from the photo, but the little glass that attaches to the outside of the casing which holds the bulb has broken (you can see in this picture, there's half of it left attached)

3) This is the whole where the bulb shines it's light... there's a little piece of glass there inside, it seems to have broken at parts, but when I turn it around (it turns, yes), i am able to leave it at point where the piece is not broken + the glass is clear...

My question is... is there any chance me getting the parts to repair this myself (new bulb + that little piece of glass in the other side of bulb casing + perhaps something more?)

Thanks for any help! Greetings from Brazil :-)