Changed lamp on H7750BD and will no longer turn on

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Hi guys! Thanks for helping me. I changed the lamp and and couldn't turn the projector back on. I put the old lamp (that still worked) back and it still won't turn back on.

I've tried a different power cable and still no luck. 

Because the lid was difficult to get off, I didn't want to put it back on before I knew it worked. Could this be the issue?

If not I fear something must have come loose among the power unit when i was taking the lid off. Any thoughts on what to check or how to replace?


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    I'm going to leave this post here despite feeling stupid. Putting the case back on made it work no problem. Either that's by design or the act of snapping it in place re-connected a lose connection I don't know but I'm going to go with the case needs to be back on before it powers up.