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Acer V3-772G not booting up anymore (blinking memory light)

Hi everyone,

I have the laptop mentioned in the object since 2014, and considering that I used it very seldom because of the functions that nowadays smartphones have, it's practically new. Further, I've ALWAYS had the battery removed to save it, always used the pc only with the AC adapter.

It's been upgraded with an SSD in the second slot available. Always took care of it, substituted two times the thermal compund of CPU and GPU. An amazing PC.

Some months ago, it started to give problems in the boot up. Both the screen and the memory LED (close to the battery one) used to blink for some minutes (without even showing the ACER logo) and then it booted up. Some weeks ago, instead, it started to have these periods where it was not booting up anymore, and I had to leave it on its own maybe for a night shut off, the morning after it was booting. Some days ago I decided to reset it, both to check whether the problem could be solved (even tho I didn't think so, from the beginning) and to get some free space, being the SSD only 128 GB. I used the internal reset tool inside windows 10. It self re-booted many times as we know, it's the normal process, but when it was reinstalling the system it got stuck at 43% and I had to turn it off even if it was displaying "Do not turn it off". It never booted up anymore from that day on. Anyway, before doing this reset, I tried to update the BIOS and to change RAM slot and also to invert the 2 Hard drives but nothing changed. Last, I disassembled totally the PC and I removed the BIOS battery for some minutes and then put it back, it doesn't boot up anyway.
Whether I try to boot it up with the AC adapter or the battery, or both of them, nothing changes.

I did these experiments:
- Tried to change the slot of the RAM memory (there are 4 slots), LED and screen were not even blinking after this. Just fans rotating.
- The same of above but with unplugged HDD and SSD. Same result.
- Tried to boot it up with RAM and HHD/SSD unplugged. Same result.
- Tried to boot it up with the RAM in its original position (I guess, anyway it's just one the RAM slot giving a different effect) and HDD/SSD unplugged, memory LED and screen blinking.

P.s.: The PC also makes some sounds, kind of "clicks" when it's not booting up, sometimes it does this click only every some tens of seconds, other times continuously, maybe depending on which of the configurations written just above, I don't remember...

Can anyone help me, please? The only thing that comes in my mind is to buy a new ram stack from Amazon and try it (if it's not that the problem, I should be able to give it back for free).

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

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  • marcbra9595marcbra9595 Member Posts: 2 New User

    -I tried to substitute the BIOS battery with a new one but still same behavior
    -I investigated all the capacitors, none of them seems to be swollen or damaged
    -I tried to unscrew the cooling plates that touch CPU and GPU (the ones where there's the thermal compound) and screw them again to check whether the processor was not connected well but it was actually never moved I noticed

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