Nitro AN515-54 Laptop Keeps Crashing randomly while crashing screen became frozen

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I'll explain the problem , i have a Nitro AN515-54 . This notebook is.. around a year old if that helps. The problem is , my laptop keeps crashing randomly . By crashing i mean the screen becomes frozen for 10 seconds then the screen turning black for 10 or so seconds and it just turns back on . When it turns back on most programs running crash. I really , really need your help . Overheating isn't the answer since i use NitroSense when i use a program that takes alot of space ... Please , whoever is reading this help me... desperate haha
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    Nope. 👎🏼 Thank You.

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    The issues that you have is because of drivers that are not up to date or at worset its an internal power circuitry issue, which is the last thing that you should look at. First, make sure that you have all the Windows Updates, also the last NVidia gpu driver installed for your gpu and use the "Clean Install" option when you install this new driver to delete all other NVidia drivers so that your gpu is up to date. Also install the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant and do a scan with that as this will install all the latest Intel drivers for your laptop and especially the Intel graphics drivers that are not up to date. Try that first and see if your laptop doesn't crash anymore, as that is probably why its crashing.

    If that doesn't solve your temp crashing problems, then its an internal power issue that needs analyzing by an experienced technician, so don't do anything else as users like you can only do and reset a laptop so far and doing anything internally on a laptop can damage the laptop. god luck and hope this helps you out.

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    1. backup your files
    2. reformat your HDD or SSD and install new operating system (Windows 10 or 11)
    3. download the drivers from acer website then go to windows update to update some drivers
    4. if problems persist, try installing IOBit Driver Booster to update all the drivers
    5. be sure to install a good antivirus like Avast Premium Security and many others, before installing any software
    6. if nothing works, maybe you have a faulty HDD/SSD and memory. try to replace them all

    the ultimate solution to sell your notebook and buy a new one preferably a gaming laptop. choose the Intel processor (i5, i7 or i9) with matching NVIDIA RTX GPU. 😁

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