Acer Aspire M1935

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Always restart and beeping sound 6x


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    Amil said:
    Always restart and beeping sound 6x

      Hi, Sorry to hear about your issue. Try to do Power Drain and BIOS Reset and check by following the below steps.

     Power Drain and BIOS RESET :
    1) Unplug all the cables from the Desktop once the unit is completely off.
    2) Press and hold the Power button of the unit for 30 secs with no cables plugged-in.  
    3) Then plug the cables back into the unit.
    4) Now press the power button once to turn on the unit and immediately keep on tapping the Delete key to enter the BIOS.   
    5) In the BIOS, press F9 to reset the BIOS to setup defaults.
    6) At the confirmation screen, press Enter for Yes to load the default configuration.
    7) Press F10 to save your changes, and restart the system. Select Yes and press ENTER to confirm.
           Try this and post your results.

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