What is Acer Comfyview?

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    I bought the same (almost the same) laptop (ACER NB ASPIRE A515-52G 553L) and I was mislead by the same "comfyview" 'feature'. I thought it meant an IPS screen. Well, it does not.
    Additionally, various international reviews of the same series of laptop A(A515-52G), are mentioning a quite good IPS display. 
    Unfortunately, the one that I bought has a very bad and cheap TN display, with high consumption (reducing battery life) and with very annoying backlight bleeding and viewing angles. Actually the display is so bad that my eyes are hurting and I have a headache! 
    Please note that the official site of ACER does not mention the type of the display, it just gives this misleading 'comfyview' designation, without mentioning if it is a TN or IPS panel. 
    This is not honest ACER! I am very dissatisfied as a costumer. 
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    I dont think that they are providing IPS display and Incase of My experience its totally Cheating Display............I am Suffering From Yellowish display
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