acer XR342CK mac support?

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awhile back i bought a acer XR342CK ultrawide monitor for my main desk setup, and just recently switched over to a macbook pro (16inch, 2019). was wondering if this monitor supports macOS? as ive been having trouble trying to get it to work with this macbook pro (issues being: the monitor being locked at 30hz and unable to scale correctly with macOS only allowing me to use standard 16:9 resolutions)


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    Monitor is normally a Plug & Play device. Whatever the input signal given, it should pick up and give output as display. As far to my knowledge Acer monitors are tested under Windows environment.  I searched all around and could not get any confirmation about different OS [Mac] which monitor supports.

    Please find below the snapshot for Acer XR342CK monitor. It clearly lists only Windows OS in the list. 

    Finally to conclude, Acer monitor MAY work... OR MAY NOT. NO CONFIRMED GUARANTEE for unit running other OS apart from Windows. 
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    And, I stand corrected -- I can select more resolutions for the Acer display settings now. I'm all good.

    @RadicalRingtail -- I hope you're good.