Aspire 7741Z-4643

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I am wanting to know a couple of things for this particular model of laptop. 
1.) Where can I find Windows 10 Drivers since the support page only has them for Windows 7. Yes, I upgraded the laptop since Windows 7 had run it's course.

2.) It has been having issues with the Broadcom Wireless Card Model BCM943225HM staying connected to the wireless router in the house and therefore I would like to upgrade if possible to a newer AC wireless card.
     a.) Can this particular laptop run an AC wireless card if so what models will work with this laptops motherboard.
           Basically looking to see what the latest wireless card this laptop can run and in hopes it will run an AC, if not what is the next best thing!


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    Good evening TenaciousMom !

    Acer does not provide drivers approved for Windows 7 in this series.
    Then you should download drivers in other ways, like searching the websites of the developers (Intel, Realtek, etc.) or using some driver optimizing software, such as DriverMax or DriverBooster.

    As for the wireless connection, I suggest you purchase a USB wireless adapter, such as Tp-Link Archer T4U

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    Windows 10 has all you need to update your drivers yourself, go through the process below, expanding and updating each item except for your Computer and Processor. See my example below where I expanded Network Adapters

    Type Device Manager into the search bar and open it. Expand all items and right click each one and then click Update Driver, Search Automatically.
    After you have done them all restart your computer.

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    Thank you and have a blessed day  B)

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