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Acer VX5 - Battery Life and AC Power

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Hey, I'm owner of Acer VX5 and have a question about save battery life.

On this link https://us.answers.acer.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2384/~/how-to-charge-and-care-for-your-acer-battery we can read 2 information.
Optimizing battery life Use AC power whenever possible, reserving battery for mobile use.
Conditions that can adversely affect the battery Using the computer on constant AC power.

Now I'm a bit confused.
What should i do if everyday I'm out of home so i need use battery, but evening i wanna to play and have to connect notebook to AC Power example for 4-6 hours?
Should I connect notebook to AC power even if battery is on 40-60% to get better performance, or just wait to 10%, then connect and play with battery charging?
And most important what to do if I reach 100% battery during playing and AC power is connected? Discharging and charging again is not good so...

as long as I know, it's impossible to disable charging battery, so how to prevent a decreasing of battery lifetime?


  • andylbandylb Posts: 3,023ACE Pathfinder
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    I see your confusion. When left plugged into AC power CONSTANTLY like a Desktop PC the battery life will be affected. Using the laptop as you are doing is a good balance, charge the battery overnight and for routine tasks you can use the battery when you are on the go. When you return home plug back into the power regardless of your battery level, you do not have to let it drain down to 10%.
    Gaming is different, when gaming your battery MUST be charged to 100% BEFORE gaming and KEPT plugged into the power while gaming, this does not damage the battery because the charger shuts off at 100% and then trickle charges when the battery gets down to about 98%. This is because your CPU cannot operate at 100% unless this method is used
    It is recommended that periodically maybe every couple of months, you discharge your battery to just below 10% and then fully recharge. If you practice the battery disciplines I have outlined above you will maximize your battery life.

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