Acer care center service is still initializing, I tried resetting and updating nothing is working.


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    chrisng90 said:
    I found a way to open the Acer Care Center Service while it keep on tells you still initializing. App store Acer Care Center won't have battery limiter, you need to download from Drivers and Manuals and get the original software for your laptop

    1. Open Task Manager.
    2. Click "File" then Run New Task
    3. Browse and search in Program Files (x86) >> Acer >> Care Center
    4.Click "ACCStd" and your Acer Care Center Service will open
    thanks! this solution solved my problem.
  • sdogillosdogillo Member Posts: 1 Newbie
    i cannot find Acer from the folder
  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 26,434 Trailblazer
    On my laptop it is at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Acer\Care Center
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    Care Center is not open, friends,
    script. Sleep 30000.
    Set oshell = createobject("")
    Sprogram = "C:\program files (x86)\Acer\Care Center\ACCstd.exe"
    Spam = "/s /n"
    clamshell. Execute """" & sprogram & """ " & spams, 0, true.
    Paste this in notepad and save to the end. If you put it in vbs, press Windows + r and type "Shell: Startup" and place it in the folder that appears, it will boot 30 seconds after the PC is turned on.
  • ATU01ATU01 Member Posts: 1 New User
    When i am trying to open acer care it is showing this message.
    acer care center service is still initializing!!

    i have tried reseting and fixing and updating the app from app store nothing is working.
    Hello, youve got same problem as mine, 
    here are the solution for your problem 

    1. ctrl + alt + del (Task Manager)
    2. Go to Details 
    3. look for ACCStd.exe 
    4. Right Click ACCStd.exe > Set Priority as High
    5. go ahead
  • GadgetShowTechGadgetShowTech Member Posts: 24 Troubleshooter

    Avast Antivirus says

    Intel Says

    Acer Care says:

    So there you have it, ACER care is a fake unworking driver update software. A massive fail for ACER.

  • DimiEsperantoDimiEsperanto Member Posts: 5 New User

    Maybe they are not confirmed to be safe for your configuration. Every change might disrupt the working configuration.

  • I like to update drivers through amd, intel and nvidia websites.

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    You can do that. It's safer than driving car(s), particularly Tesla ;)




    Good Luck

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  • 4rtoria4rtoria Member Posts: 1 New User

    I love you for this, this solved my issue 1 year later.

  • CuddlyoctoCuddlyocto Member Posts: 1 New User

    Hi guys,

    I had the same problem "Acer care center service is still initializing" follow the steps given below:

    1) Search for the task scheduler in the start, and open it.

    2) In the right section under the action, you can find "Create task." open it.

    3) In the General section,

    1. Name: Acer care center or whatever you wanna name.
    2. Select "Run whether user is logged on or not"
    3. In "Configure for," select windows 10

    4) In the Triggers section,

    1. Click on new
    2. Change Begin the task to "At log on"
    3. Click ok

    5) In the Actions section,

    1. Click on new
    2. Leave action to default, i.e., Start a program.
    3. Settings, under Program/script, click on browse.
    4. Search for ACCStd.exe in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Acer\Care Center" and select
    5. Click ok

    6) In the Conditions section, Deselect the power options under Power.

    7) Click ok. It will ask for your computer password; after entering and hitting on ok, restart your computer

    8) Start the Care center from start.

    It works for me and might work for you guys to

  • kgm1973kgm1973 Member Posts: 6 New User

    I have Windows 11 Pro, 64-bit, and I followed these steps. I'm using my Administrator account & password. Once I click OK, it prompts me with:

    "Task Scheduler cannot apply your changes. The user account is unknown, the password is incorrect, or the account does not have permission to modify the task."

    This is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS and makes NO sense! I also ran Task Scheduler with the 'Run as administrator' option. I've read reports of others encountering the SAME issue, for whatever task(s) they were trying to create.

    With laptops from other manufacturers (i.e., Lenovo), you just simply run their similar utility with NONE of these issues that we're all facing here. Why can't Acer just fix this utility and have it run NORMALLY, like the ones on other manufacturers' laptops?!?!?

  • kgm1973kgm1973 Member Posts: 6 New User

    UPDATE: I FINALLY got it to work! 😁

    Check here for 2 suggestions offered by user 'William_mk2', as this may also assist others:

  • William_mk2William_mk2 Ally Posts: 3,326


    I understand you say "UPDATE: I FINALLY got it to work! 😁 "

    I am glad it is working fine

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    I am not an ACER employee
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