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Acer Aspire 3 assembled overseas and sold in Australia

Biotechy93Biotechy93 Posts: 1Member New User
Hi New here, I bought a cheap Aspire 3 A315-21-40AL from Office Works here in Australia, 12 months ago and it had preinstalled Windows 10 Home Basic, The specs on the the sticker is AMD Dual-Core Processor A4-9120 (up to 2.5GHz) AMD Radeon R3 Graphics 8 GB DDR4 Memory and 1 Tb HDD, now back in the day  I had 4 old P1 Acer Laptops all dead in the water downloaded some schematics and built two working ones just so my kids who were in primary school at the time got off my desk top. my last Acer was fine and I kept it running window 7 until while I was at work windows did an update and basically on such an old machine it kind of died, in fact when I ran rescue seems I had over 70% corrupt boot sectors, needless to say I could run a Live Ubuntu ISO in the CD and could still have net access.  So since then I have always formatted the proprietary OS and installed a Linux distro usually Arch based, but one thing I find really offensive is buying these notebooks or laptops which are in my budget (I'm a kitchen hand we don't make huge amounts) and I run a script in the Command Line Interface I find what is put on the box but as soon as you install a Linux Operating system and run something like <lshw>  = list hardware or my favorite <inxi> and a few operators, I get conflicting information, my Question is Acer aware that places like Office works bulk buys excess stock components and has them put together is s country where some poor person is probably working for pittance, Now I have done the research and I seem to have a Toshiba Motherboard, yet what was printed in the very little documentation that came  with the purchase It was something completely, else, so my question is why does this seem to be the norm these days, almost bordering on fraudulent, but they are assembled in China, while I've had to deal with a few issues I've managed to fix them myself.  Just curious I think is this the norm now.


  • Acer-MannyAcer-Manny Posts: 2,819Acer Crew Acer Crew
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    Hi Biotechy93,

    Thank you for sharing the information, unfortunately, Acer has no control or is aware of what 3rd party companies are doing any changes to products or if these are remanufactured units, etc. we recommend you get in contact with the store directly for better assistance. Can you please share with us some screenshots of the conflicting information you have found with the serial number of the unit via private message?

    Note: Please keep in mind that the Acer Community (Forum Discussions), were designed as a peer to peer support community where Acer users help other Acer users with their questions or troubleshooting inquiries. this community is not a direct portal to Customer service, primarily the community is a place where members can exchange their own advice, ideas, articles with knowledge and troubleshooting techniques etc. 

    Thanks in advance,
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