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Tc-855 ci5-9400 12G ram. Installed gtx1650 Anyone else having heat of case issues?

TheDoveTheDove Posts: 12Member


My case seems to be heating up.  Touching the outside wall on the one with openings on it seems warm.  I just installed the video card today and it's a 4G card with 2 fans and is a zotac low profile.  I don't have a case fan.  Just the CPU and the two on the graphics card(that it came with).  I'm planning on buying a case fan but it's really disturbing how hot it got.  I immediately turned everything down from high and ultra to 2x ati-liasing, good and fair quality, then 3d all the way down to performance over quality.  Now it's finally cool.  Before I was playing WoW BFA on the UHD630 and never had an issue.  Now it's warming up and I'm wondering if my only issue is no case fan set up at the back off the 4pin by the CPU 4pin for fan.  I don't see any place to stick a side wall fan on this nor connector.  Just that lone one by the cpu's which I guess is for back of case.  My video card only uses 75w and so does the CPU so I've not upgraded my CPU.  I am using DVI to HDI adapter to connect with my vga/hdmi monitor.
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