[GUIDE] Installing Linux on Nitro 5 (AN515-42)

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I installed Ubuntu 16 on my Nitro 5 laptop on an external SSD connected via USB 3 enclosure. This helps keep my Linux separate from my Windows drives, and since the external disk is an SSD connected on USB 3 port, it is pretty fast too. Linux on my box booted up from cold start to login screen in under 10 seconds and another 5 seconds post login to desktop screen.

I have put in the process I followed with screenshots with detail as necessary accompanying them. I did this process on my Nitro itself under Windows 10.
Download and install Linux Live USB creator software. The one I used is --> https://www.linuxliveusb.com
Install the software, and open it up.

Select the target USB drive (I used 32 GB usb 3.0 thumb drive on usb 3.0 port), select linux distribution (I downloaded ubunto 16 LTS version from ubuntu site, and pointed to its ISO).
Select the option to format the thumb drive to FAT32.

In BIOS, enable to option to show F12 menu.
Connect the SSD (to a USB port) to which you want to install Linux to (it would be better to remove all partitions from this for easy identification during install).
Connect the Live USB on another port and start the system, and use F12 to get to the boot menu.
In the menu, select the Linpus lite and hit ENTER. This will take start the system off USB and not the hard disk.

In the options presented, select "Install Ubuntu".

Select language.

Select keyboard layout.

I didn't want to connect to any WiFi during install to keep it simple.

Pick "Normal installation".

Pick the installation type as "Something else" to install to our SSD and not to any internal hard disks.

1. Your existing hard disks would also be listed here, along with the SSD.
2. Make sure to select the SSD disk (leaving the system without partitions helps identify it here - since you will find something under /dev/sd* with "free space").
   You can also know what disk to pick if you look towards the bottom where it says "device for boot loader installation". It would show the connection type, space and device name.
3. Do NOT touch any disks with Windows Boot Manager (this would be the disk with Windows on it, and you wouldn't want to alter it).
4. IMPORTANT Select your SSD for bootloader installation (this will not write any GRB entries to windows disk essentially keeping entire Linux to SSD in its entirety).
5. After making selections click on "install now".
6. Post installation, shut down Linux.

Remove the Live USB from USB 3 port.
Connect the SSD to the USB 3 port (leave it as it is if it is already on USB 3 port; I had to change since Nitro 5 came with only one USB 3).
Boot up laptop and click F12 to get to the boot menu.
Select ubuntu and click Enter.

When the system starts up, select Ubuntu and hit Enter.

Ubuntu is now up and running :)

My external SSD connected to USB port

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