Bricked my Acer 3000, how to recover BIOS flash?

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i seen i have outdated BIOS, so i have downloaded the BIOS flashing package from the site. Extracted and ran the setup to install Phoenix flasher. Selected the bios backup destination file and new flash file ZL53A32.WPH
It worked, BIOS was updated, but i lost ability to select boot medium by F12. Since it not added USB HDD as a boot option, i decided to revert back to old bios. So i launched the Phoenix flashing app again and as a new bios file i selected the .BAK or such file created on the previous flasher ran. The checks seemed all OK, flashing done, but the system (Windows XP) got stuck shutting down. So i decided to hard turn off. But the power button no longer does anything, so i bricked it i think.

How do i recover the bios or flash the updated image please?

The motherboard having any jumper for bios flashing/recovery?
I read newer Aspire laptops has some procedure to recover via USB disk but i seen no USB boot option in BIOS nor in F12 boot device selection menu. Fn+Esc does nothing.