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I have a.

The problem is that it gets very hot.

The fan never "fired" even when hot. I think the problem is in the last BIOS update.
Since I did the update, I've had lots of problems, but I can not replace the old version.

If you play a little, the computer freezes and the screen is ace colors and without any movement.

Anyone have any idea what it is?



I'm going crazy with this ...





core i5-3210M



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  • DavidMartinsDavidMartins Member Posts: 4

    Any idea?


    I think that will solve achieving replace the BIOS in version 2.04.
    But I can not do this!

  • AeoniaAeonia Member Posts: 3
    Hey...i've got a quick question about ur rig..got the same hardware acer v3 571G i5-3210m,nvidia 630m ....What is ur usual GPU temparature(on nvidia 630m) when gaming heavy games..e.g black ops 2, Prototype 2, dead space 3, DmC 5, Tomb raider...etc..

    Mine is usually around 89-93 degrees...while cpu temp is around 68-76...is this normal?..i used gpu-z to tell temps or msi afterburner...

    pliz reply...
  • DavidMartinsDavidMartins Member Posts: 4

    Please does anyone know of a way I can turn on the fan?

    It heats much.

    In the normal with just the desktop, NVIDIA is between 45 º and 50 º.

    I do not know what to do ....

    The processor gets hot very fast (easily reaches 70 º C). I thought the problem was the sink, but for this, the fan would always be at full speed.

    Please, any help?

  • radutaalexradutaalex Member Posts: 3

    Hello i have a V3-571G Laptop bought 2 months ago... and i had noticed that on gaming is overheating, i have tried with Intel video card to play games.. still overheat, on nvidia 630m overheat happens almost instantly... in 30 seconds when in game i get 80 degree celsius. Please help!!!! i did noticed some bios updates are there any fixes for this? i had 1.08 and i had upgraded to the maxinum number available for windows 7 which is 1.13 still no changes. how to use those other bios upgrades. I mention i had bought a cooling fan with 2 fans and still overheat. please help!!!!

  • DavidMartinsDavidMartins Member Posts: 4

    Joint to the club.


    I will never buy anything from ACER!

  • ratmcuratmcu Member Posts: 1

    Same problem here I got a V3-571G with i7-3610QM and GT640M 
    it was turbo boosting as expected on loaded 4 cores up to 3.1GHz I finished Crysis 2 ,max payne 3 with no problem flying over 40fps Smiley Very Happy but suddenly this throttling started to happen. Smiley Frustrated now clock drops to 2.3GHz at very begining without turbo boosting to 3.1GHz and later drops to 1.2GHz. 1st I thought my bios update was the culprit but there was no use of using the older 1.06 either Smiley Sad 

  • GaurabGaurab Member Posts: 1

    I have a geforce gt 630m but it overheats. It was fine when I bought it ut gradually its performance has also decreased and even in idle, it heats fron 50 c to 80 c. While playing games it easily crosses 90 c. I can't even access fan settings in msi afterburner to increase fan speed. Does anyone have this problem too ?

  • dareself87dareself87 Member Posts: 5

    I have a GeForce GT 730M with 4GB of dedicated VRAM my laptop is overheating too when i play a game...
    that's happens from a week i think after the last updates...
    any suggestion?

  • Vince53Vince53 Member Posts: 805

    Daresek, I think you already know that there are a variety of possible explanations. Is the GeForce GT 730M the original video card that came with your laptop? Because of driver problems with laptops, upgrading the video card can cause problems. Can you repost and tell us what model laptop you have?


    Of course you know that the fan might have failed. Try a careful shot of compressed air into the exit vent to blow out dust. Put your finger over the exit vent to feel if air is coming out.


    Depending on your model, there are some free programs that check your fan speed. You might have a software problem that keeps your fan from going fast enough.

  • dareself87dareself87 Member Posts: 5

    Ty, i hope i understtod what you are asking me for.

    Yes the GPU is the one that was in when i bought this laptop.
    Processor Intel Core i7-3632QM 2.2GHz (3.2 GHz with Turbo Boost)

    RAM 8GB DDR3


    that's my model.

    I will try with compressed air as soon as i can and i will post what it will happen.

  • dareself87dareself87 Member Posts: 5

    Is there any app to control my fan speed? I tryed speedfan but it doesn't find my fan controllers the same as open hardware monitor

  • dareself87dareself87 Member Posts: 5

    I was running trough the events history on my laptop and i found this Origine

    Errore nell'hardware video

    ‎05/‎08/‎2013 18.29

    Soluzione disponibile

    Si è verificato un problema dell'hardware video che impedisce il corretto funzionamento di Windows.

    Firma del problema
    Nome evento problema:    LiveKernelEvent
    Versione SO:    6.2.9200.
    ID impostazioni locali:    1040

    File che consentono di descrivere il problema (alcuni file potrebbero non essere più disponibili)

    Ulteriori informazioni sul problema
    BCCode:    141
    BCP1:    FFFFFA8011295010
    BCP2:    FFFFF88005B7DBCC
    BCP3:    0000000000000000
    BCP4:    00000000000020DC
    OS Version:    6_2_9200
    Service Pack:    0_0
    Product:    768_1
    ID bucket:    BAD_DUMPFILE

    It says there where an issue with the hardware video. My laptop turned off for overheating from the day next it happened.

  • Vince53Vince53 Member Posts: 805

    Dareself, your laptop is turning off to protect itself from overheating. It seems that the fan on your video card has failed. You're going to have to take it to a repair shop.


    There are a variety of free programs that monitor your fan speed. Unfortunately, different ones work on different laptops.

  • dareself87dareself87 Member Posts: 5

    my warranty is still valid so i will bring my laptop in the store as soon as i can couse i'm on holiday. Problem is the fan. Now it isn't working.


    Thank you again.

  • tristanlbaileytristanlbailey Member Posts: 1

    I have the exact same problem. Recently updated my V3-571G laptop BIOS to version 2.14, and the GPU started overheating while playing one of my favourite games, Planetside 2. Graphical glitches kept interrupting the game, and my laptop blue-screened twice while trying to play. Other times, the game or the nVidia driver service crashed. I have been trying all sorts to fix the problem, even resorting to BIOS hacks. I opened up the laptop to check for dust, and there was hardly any, even in the fan. When I contacted Acer support, they said try resetting the BIOS (which I tried), and if that fails, to send them the laptop for repairs, and pay approximately $220 AUD for repair (since it is a year out of warranty), plus parts. After this, I will never purchase another Acer laptop again.

  • rafalenzacerrafalenzacer Member Posts: 3

    Anyone have the solution? Cause i found a biosmod to spin up the fans... I tried to contact Acer support but anyone answer me. In another topics with other modells acer get some providences.... And here for us, nothing!

  • rafalenzacerrafalenzacer Member Posts: 3

    Where is Acer??? I NEED SUPPORT. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME???? ACER V3 571G 6622 I5 3230, GT 730M [edited for privacy]

    Please dont come with questions, come with solutions!

  • LeonardKLeonardK Member Posts: 14
  • rafalenzacerrafalenzacer Member Posts: 3

    Man, thanks thanks thanks, a lot of thanks to you.

  • LeonardKLeonardK Member Posts: 14

    np ^^

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