Acer H6510BD projector LAMP TURNS OFF

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Hi, some week ago while watching regularly a match with my H6510 bd projector, a pop up message appeared: “Fan fail, the projector will soon shutdown” (or something similar) and the red led on Lamp or Temp (I don’t remember which) was on, then it turned off. 
So I decided to disassembly it and find out that my projector had many pieces of cement of the lamp (photo attached) spread in its socket (my projector had only 1200 hour of watching). So I ordered a new compatible lamp and mounted it. 
The projector turns on and works fine for around 3 minutes, then I hear a low whistle and the lamp turn off, with the fan still moving for 10-20 seconds more, then the red led “Lamp” turns on and the projector turn off.
Tried to clean up everything, remounting it, eco mode, reset etc but I’m still having this problem.
Any way to solve this? 
Thanks 🙏🏻 


  • nasa23
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    I have the same issue 3 mins it stays on then shuts down with red lamp on and power on. Did you find the answer to this problem? Had the projector since new and used it about 3 days and the turned it back on after 7 years to get this problem.

  • enricuzzo
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    Yes I found the problem, the little fan at the end of the air vent of the lamp broke up. So I ordered a new identical fan (searching “fan projector acer H6510” and matching the photos because it has no code to identify it) and also a new lamp, and it’s still working great with more than a thousand hours since then. (Be careful to choose the lamp because I had to try 3 different lamps since the cheaper ones didn’t turn on at all, and the one that worked had a price of around 100€)