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Any Verified Fixes to Android GBoard / Lock Screen Issue? Liquid Zest T06

WasOkUpUntilNowWasOkUpUntilNow Posts: 2Member New User
edited December 2019 in Smartphones & Wearables
I see this is an international issue in the newsfeeds but have not yet seen any verified fix methods. I'm really hoping to avoid a factory reset since I have some legally significant texts that are not backed up externally yet.

I have a Liquid Zest phone ( not sure what flavour right now ) that was working fine. I understand a GBoard software update came through and now the on-screen keyboard does not show up from the lock screen so I can't enter my lock screen password. Power cycle and restart cycle don't help. Data and WiFi were previously turned off to save battery. I could try to use a USB cable to link to my laptop, if there is a fix there.

Is there an Acer or Google corporate response coming?

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  • ebearebear Posts: 1Member New User
    My Liquid Zest T06 has developed the same problem - no gboard onscreen keyboard at locked screen. Restarting phone does not help. Battery removal reboot, as recommended on another site, not available due to T06 having a built-in battery that Acer warns against tampering with.  
  • WasOkUpUntilNowWasOkUpUntilNow Posts: 2Member New User
    I fixed this. The missing link was how to turn the WiFi back on. You can do that in the special short-cut menu that you get by swiping down from the top middle on the lock screen. Once WiFi is on and you are connected to an already known network, go to another device and log into your Google account and from the PlayStore update the GBoard App remotely on the bricked device.

    A strange security hole where someone can externally update a locked phone, but handy in this software f'up.
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