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Poor Freesync operation on Nitro XV273K

Alpha_LyraeAlpha_Lyrae Posts: 5Member New User
There is something seriously wrong with the Nitro XV273K's Freesync capability. There seems to be very poor variable refresh rate control.

Firstly, while 120fps is stable, after a period of time, it starts varying between 2 refresh rates rapidly, creating dirty frametimes. I've verified this in an area of game that is normally 120fps. When this issue presents, framerate is about 104-105 with variance in frametimes from panel switching refresh rates.

Secondly, and more seriously, after fps drops below 120fps and Freesync is in operation, returning to the same scene that should be 120fps results in a locked arbitrary refresh rate (values are random and change).

Both issues are doubly verified through RTSS overlay and monitor's own built-in refresh rate display.

The video of these issues can be seen here: https://youtu.be/H98U5YibFgQ

I cannot recommend this monitor to anyone in this state. I also couldn't look past the terrible backlight bleed in each of the display's 4 corners. At this price range, I expect way better.

Also found a set of stuck red pixels on my panel. Just not acceptable. I'm returning this monitor tomorrow.
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