Upgraded my Acer Aspire V5-571P laptop to Windows 10 Home 64bit and the bluetooth does not work.

Upgraded my Acer Aspire V5-571P laptop to Windows 10 Home 64bit and the bluetooth does not work. Originally had Windows 8 factory installed.
Looked on Acers web site for the Bluetooth driver but only came up drivers for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.
Is there a driver for Windows 10 for this laptop available yet?

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    Having a similar problem with my V5-131. When I initially upgraded to Windows 10 afew years ago everything was fine, but after an update last fall my bluetooth doesn't work. I can uninstall and reinstall the Bluetooth every time I want to connect a device, but that's more trouble than it's worth!  The most recent Windows update didn't change anything in this regard.  Anybody have any idea when a new BT driver for Windows 10 will be available?
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    There are a few Acer computers that were advertised as including bluetooth in windows 8 but advertised as not including bluetooth in windows 10. Same computer, same hardware.

    If bluetooth is entirely missing in the device manager, there are a few possible reasons.

    (1) laptop hardware wifi/bluetooth killed button stuck in the off switch
    (2) bios that has no option to reset (1)

    Sometimes the ultra small form factor Acer desktop computers --- they use laptop motherboards BUT obviously the small form desktop computers don't have a wifi/bluetooth kill switch --- are also affected by this problem. Since there was no economic way to reset the bios, Acer simply advertised those computers as not including bluetooth.

    You can try to force a bios reset by opening the computer and take the coin battery out. That will erase the CMOS settings.
  • Joe9844Joe9844 Member Posts: 480 Skilled Specialist
    Also BEFORE you are going to take out the coin battery, you must also unplug your laptop or desktop computer and take out the large laptop battery --- and then take out the coin battery.

    If you don't do that first, the large laptop battery will continue to supply power to the CMOS --- thus not erasing the CMOS settings.
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