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CG437K - 4k @144hz setup?

cinoazcinoaz Posts: 5Member New User
I'm running XFX 5700XT Ultra Thicc II with the CG437K.  I connected two DP cables from the 5700XT to the Monitor.  Powered up.  Went into monitor setup and turned on overclock to get 144hz.

This is my confusion.  In windows, it detects two monitors.  One is 3840x2160 and shows 120hz.  The second monitor is 1920x2160 at 144hz.  How do I get one monitor at 4K @ 144hz???  

FAQ & Answers

  • cinoazcinoaz Posts: 5Member New User
    I found the fix, so, in case someone comes looking they will have it.

    My XFX 5700XT Thicc II has 4 outputs, from top to bottom are DP, DP, HDMI, DP.  I assumed output would be numbered 1-4 from top to bottom as well.  Well, not the case.  In order for 4K @144hz to work, The Panel's DP #1 needs to be connected to your vid card DP #1 and same goes for DP #2.  Both DPs need to be connected to your monitor and vid card, you also need to enable "Boost" in the monitor configuration as well.

    So, for my XFX, that means the second from the top is actually DP #1, the very top is DP #2, the HDMI is just HDMI and the bottom display port is DP #3.  I had to swap DP cables from my vid card.  Once I did that, everything started working.

    You know if things aren't connected properly if you see 2 monitors in your Windows/Video Card configuration window, and, if you don't have 2 monitors just one.  That means your DP cables aren't connected properly in terms of DP #1 on monitor to DP #1 on vid card.

    Oh, also, if you want to use HDR, then the monitor will fall back to 120hz.   You can't do HDR 4K @ 144hz.  Compared to my settings previously, you can see I'm back down to one monitor and the Active Signal Resolution is split evenly between the two display ports.

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