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XB271HUAbmiprz dead pixels and crashing covered under warranty?

SparkzukSparkzuk Posts: 2Member New User
Hi. I replaced my 2nd monitor with a 4k monitor a few days ago and now my XB271HUAbmiprz has started crashing to this weird static when putting videos to fullscreen. If I power off and on again it goes away though. Also noticed a while back there seems to be a cluster of dead pixels that show on both black and white backgrounds. Are there enough dead there to be covered by warranty? Predator is running at 165Hz 1440p via DP and 2nd monitor is running at 4k 60Hz vai DP. Using an RTX2080 with most recent drivers. TIA.

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  • niemisanniemisan Posts: 1Member New User
    Bro these monitors are absolute trash. Mine gets red and blue pixelation randomly on certain games, people have reported red dots appearing when they send it in (at their own cost, which is about $90). This is absolutely unacceptable from a monitor that cost me nearly $700CAD. I'm surprised someone hasn't filed a class action lawsuit against them for knowingly shipping an incomplete product/non-functional and not admitting their own fault by issuing a recall. I'm tempted to do it myself as I'm a business lawyer, but unfortunately, I'd only be able to file one in Canada.

    They've locked all threads related to issues with these terrible panels too, so I wouldn't be surprised if they delete this comment as well.

    In the meantime I'd suggest just getting a BenQ
  • SparkzukSparkzuk Posts: 2Member New User
    edited December 4
    Yeah I'm really disappointed with this monitor. It's both the worst and most expensive monitor I've owned. The colour is very poor making everything look super washed out and grey. Sometimes the speakers will not work and the monitor requires rebooting. Also it can get quite hot on one side and sometimes a line of pixels in the middle of the screen will get lost to one of the edges. The Acer support site is also a bit of a mess, I likely won't be buying any more Acer products.
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