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No access to internal SSD, when outside Win10 on an Acer Swift 5 SF514-54T

I have a brand new Acer Swift 5.
I need to install a second OS (linux). 
I have a SSD as C: in Win10.

I try to access the SSD when booting a USB live with Kubuntu18.03, but the SSD does not appear in the command line by the df command. 
I only see the USB drive and other external drives.

The same thing happens when i try to backup the whole SSD drive via Clonezilla(on USB live). 
The internal SSD does not appear there either.

I have entered a Supervisor password.
I have disabled Secure boot, to be able to boot a live USB.
I have tried both enabled and disabled TPM(TCM) state in bios.

So how can I access the internal SSD outside Win10?

Bios version 1.02 InsydeH20
Gop Version Intel(R)GOP Driver[14.0.1023]
Serial No/product no NXHHYED001
Product name Swift SF514-54T
W10 home.

Best Answer

  • JackEJackE Posts: 18,084 Trailblazer
    Accepted Answer
    Yes leave in AHCI mode. Did you put isos on GPT partition FAT32 format USBs for UEFI bootstrap or Legacy BIOS using Rufus? Jack E/NJ  

FAQ & Answers

  • JackEJackE Posts: 18,084ACE Trailblazer
    Please check what SATA modes are set in BIOS information and main tabs. Jack E/NJ
  • Kristian_AKristian_A Posts: 4Member New User
    Thank for your answer.
    Original settings was
    Bios Information tab: 
    Sata mode: Optane without RAID

    Bios Main tab:
    Sata mode: Optane without RAID

    I tried ACHI mode, but it gave basically the same result. The main SSD(512GB) is missing when running:
    -Kubuntu installer on USB Live
    -Clonezilla on USB live
    - Kubuntu live on USB.

    I have tried different Linux commands: df, lshw, fdisk -l and they all confims no detection of the internal SSD.

    But the internal SSD works well inside Win10

  • JackEJackE Posts: 18,084ACE Trailblazer
    Accepted Answer
    Yes leave in AHCI mode. Did you put isos on GPT partition FAT32 format USBs for UEFI bootstrap or Legacy BIOS using Rufus? Jack E/NJ  
  • Kristian_AKristian_A Posts: 4Member New User
    JackE, Thank you very much. It made the trick!!!
    Lessons learned for USB Live use:
    use Rufus 3.8 + GPT + UEFI(non CSM = non legacy) settings.
    use BIOS SATA mode="ACHI" in Laptop(InsydeH2O BIOS)

    Win10 needs Laptop Bios SATA mode ="Optane without RAID" to boot properly into Win10.

  • JackEJackE Posts: 18,084ACE Trailblazer
    Congrats. Optane memory should be semi-useful with a mechanical drive, and fairly useless with a SSD. Your Win10 setup probably was also used for machines with mechanical drive. Jack E/NJ   
  • thermatherma Posts: 1Member New User
    Hi Kristian,

    Just got my Acer Swift 5 and got same issue installing Ubuntu: SDD is not visible.

    May I ask you how you changed Optane for AHCI?
    I don't see any modifiable parameter for that in the BIOS.

    Following screenshots of my bios

  • Kristian_AKristian_A Posts: 4Member New User
    HI thema, see pcs for my bios settings.
    I see the SSDs are different.
    I have a bootable USB attached. It is prepared as described above.
    I see you are missing the Sata mode in the Main tab.
    The Bios and the GOP version are different.
    I don't know if the Intel VTX does matter in the Advanced tab.
    I do not understand your computers behaviour.

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