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Acer E380 android upgrade

Jon1001Jon1001 Posts: 2Member New User
My E380 has Android 4.2.2, I need to upgrade Android. When I use the Acer Live updater, I get the message 'failed to update due to network or server problem', even though I have internet connection.
So I went to the Acer download area, followed the instructions and downloaded OS_Acer_Acer.AV0K0.E380.1.004.00.EMEA.GEN1s_A44K_A on to a desktop pc.
According to the instructions, I should then run setup.exe on the pc. But there is no such file - the nearest is SetupWizard.apk.
That is an Android program.
So what should I do?

FAQ & Answers

  • Tom2019Tom2019 Posts: 228Ally
    Hi @Jon1001
    The below mentioned steps  should fix “Network error, please try again later” error.

    >>>Go to Settings > Applications > Google Drive. Here, tap on “Storage” and then tap on “Clear Data” to reset Google Drive data. 

    >>> Also, try to grant it Storage rights. Go into Settings > Apps. Click three dot menu at top right and choose System. Scroll to Acer Live Updater and grant it Storage rights. After do that run the update and works fine.

    >>>Go to Settings > Applications > Select ALL > Tap the Acer Live updater application > tap on clear data (if available) and tap on clear cache
    tap on force stop
    then go to settings/about tablet
    tap on System updates and check now

    >>> if it still crash, you can try a factory reset too (backup all your personal data first)
    Go to settings/Backup & reset - factory data reset
    Once done, don't install any application but check about updates
    then go to settings/about tablet
    tap on System updates and check now.

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  • Jon1001Jon1001 Posts: 2Member New User
    Hi Tom

    Thanks very much for your suggestions.

    I have done a factory reset twice. The first time I did it, it asked for my Google login, which I gave. I logged in to wifi. When I tried for a system update, I got the error message. So I did a factory reset again, and this time I did not give the google login. It asked for my Acer login, which I did not have, so I skipped that. I logged in to wifi. Again, when I tried for a system update, I got the error message.

    I don't have a sim in this phone, as I just want to use it for listening to podcasts. But I can't get the BBC Sounds app, as it needs a later version of Android than the one I have. Does the lack of a sim make any difference?


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