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How can I fix my accer laptop AO1-431-C8G8

Spindell717Spindell717 Posts: 1Member New User
Window 10 wanted to update and kept asking me to delete cause of low disk space for update. Seems I have deleted the wrong programs and I can’t figure where too re-download all the operating programs I have deleted. So I surfed the web and come across EaseUs and decided to download there free download. Well to no surprise a long bar pops up at the bottom to Save, Save as, as I click on one of these selection nothing happens. I have tried over and over same issue. I have also deleted my intel sound program that now I know was a factory programming. Can anyone give me some help with this. I went an d bought a external hard drive to 1 TB so I would have room for the update until windows kept telling me I needed more space no matter how much I have Deleted it was never ending I guess I allowed my aggravations to get the best of me and not pay attention to what I was actually deleting. Any help will be appreciated Thank You 

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  • jacerjacer Posts: 1Member New User
    Wow. That was posted in Nov. 2019 and no answers. I have a problem with the AO1-431-C8G8 too. There's NOTHING left to delete, still no space. 1T on OneDrive, still no space, 168GB external hard drive, still no space. I just bought a 64GB usb 2.0 flashdrive - we'll see. Can't reset either because there's no space. Nice going Acer. I'm starting to think it was designed with a 2 year life expectancy. Disappointing. If that's the case, I will NEVER buy Acer again. I hope Microsoft didn't have anything to do with this disposable notebook. 
  • jomamajomama Posts: 3Member New User
    so what these people are doing is letting everyone know that their products are wirthless to own- so next step is to file lawsuite for fraud-maybe that will get their damd attention- for selling this junk-
  • jomamajomama Posts: 3Member New User
    sorry havt use more words to post-the word is DAMB
  • jomamajomama Posts: 3Member New User
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