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W500 boot up

RevdRobRevdRob Member Posts: 4 New User
I recently purchased a second hand W500 for something I am trying to do in my Church, problem I have is that it didn't come with recovery disks and when trying to do anything to the drive it tells me I need some form of software to access the drive.

Can anyone help please. Tried to buy the recovery disks to Win 7 but Acer tell me they no longer supply and they want £30 to examine and then £60 to install the OS

Help please. It looks a great unit, but I can't do anything at minute

FAQ & Answers

  • Acer-WilliamAcer-William Moderator Posts: 245 Moderator
    edited October 2019


    Please find the details below..

    You can do the recovery in two different ways.   By using the internal partition which is present inside your tablet.   If the internal partition is corrupted or if it not working properly you can start the recovery process using the recovery cds.

    Acer Iconia Tab W500

    Connect your Iconia Tab W500 to a power outlet.

    Tap "Search" from the Charms bar, type "recover" and select "Acer Recovery Management." Select "Yes" if you see a User Account Control window.

    Select "Restore Factory Settings" and choose "Next."

    Select "Just Remove My Files" to quickly perform the reset or "Fully Clean the Drive" to thoroughly erase your data. Both options remove data, but the latter option is more secure.

    Select "Reset" to begin the reset procedure. The process will take several minutes to complete. If you previously selected the Fully Clean the Drive option, the process takes considerably longer.


    After the reset is complete, your data will be unrecoverable without a backup. Therefore, it is strongly recommended you backup any important data before starting the factory reset.

    Step 2

    Kindly follow the details from the link if you have the recovery disk


    Restoring Windows 7 on the ICONIA Tab W500

    How do I reinstall the operating system  on my ICONIA Tab W500?

    The ICONIA Tab W500 comes with Microsoft Windows 7 preinstalled. In the event that the operating system becomes corrupted or otherwise unusable, you can use the recovery discs supplied with the tablet to restore the operating system back to its factory default configurations.

    Note: During the process, all data stored on your system will be overwritten. This means all your files, such as email and photos, will be erased. Therefore, we recommend making a backup of all personal data before starting the recovery process. Also, an external USB optical drive capable of reading DVDs is required. This optical drive is not included with the tablet and must be acquired separately.


    In order to restore the operating system of your tablet, please perform the following steps:

    1. With the tablet turned off, connect an external DVD optical drive into an available USB port and insert the first of the recovery discs.
    2. Plug in your AC adapter.
    3. Press and hold the volume-up key and the Windows button simultaneously.
    4. Press and release the power button while keeping the volume-up key and the Windows button held down.
    5. Release the volume-up key and the Windows button once the screen powers on.

    6. After the system recovery program has loaded follow the prompts to reinstall the operating system.

    You will be reminded to remove the disc from the optical drive before the tablet reboots.

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  • RevdRobRevdRob Member Posts: 4 New User
    Thanks Mohan, but as I posted, I don't have the recovery CD's
  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 10,130 Trailblazer
    Lets dig a little deeper into what's going on before trying to find recovery disks. When you turn it on does it boot to Windows? Which Windows version? If not how far does it get? What are the exact error messages?
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  • RevdRobRevdRob Member Posts: 4 New User
    Hi Billsey
    To clarify... The tablet had been upgraded to Win 10, but was very slow. I needed to take it back to Win 7 for a particular application.
    I have purchased a Win 7 installation and licence as ACer UK quoted me £90 to reload it. 
    When trying to install Win 7, I get a message telling me there is no system drive to install to.

    I can get to BIOS and changed it to boot from USB.

    Question is now will the recovery CD make a system drive 
    Also how can I make a system drive

    Look forward to hearing from you
  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 10,130 Trailblazer
    Boot on the installation image and select repair. Go from there to a command prompt and run diskpart. Use diskpart to view the drives, partitions and volumes. Let us know what they are.
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  • RevdRobRevdRob Member Posts: 4 New User
    As previously said, I don't have the recovery CD's so cannot boot from the recovery image.
    Thank you for trying to help
  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 10,130 Trailblazer
    Boot from an installation image (a Windows image can be downloaded from Microsoft). No need for the original factory image.
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