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Aser Aspire 3 A315-41G-R5RJ shutting off randomly and have boot problems...

CitricFoxCitricFox Posts: 4Member New User
Hi, I recently bought an Aser Aspire 3 (A315-41G-R5RJ), it was working fine until today.
I tried to turn it on but I didn't, I thought I was just out of battery so I plugged my AC cable to it but it still didn't turn on. I panic so I tried pressing random keys in my keyboard and then I pressed the power button again and this time it got booted, I thought I was fixed but after like 5 minutes It turned off out of nowhere. This was wired because my laptop wasn't hot at all and the fan was working correctly.
I tried to turn it on but as last time the power button didn't worked at all until I pressed another key first. It begam booting I was scared but suddenly a message apeared in my screen saying something about resisting CPU and new / old CPU replacement which was weird because I didn't change my CPU.
Scared I pressed yes and my PC booted up and this message didn't appear again but the problem is still happening it turns off randomly even while booting (Aser logo appearing).

I tried a battery reset (pressing the small button in the down side of the laptop for 10-15s and waited 20m) and it fixed the problem of pressing a random key for my power button to work but it I still still turning off randomly. I need help and I can't afford to take my laptop for rapair.

(If works for something this laptop had Linux when I first bought it but I installed the official windows 10 to it)

Ps: Sorry if I wrote something badly, I'm not used to talk english at all.

FAQ & Answers

  • Rade97Rade97 Posts: 17Member Troubleshooter
    Hai @CitricFox
    Since you have tried with power drain already, do it again properly
    For doimg power drain
         1.Turn off the laptop
         2.Unplug all the cables from the laptop
         3.On the backside of the laptop you can find a small pin hole, insert a paperclip into the pinhole, press and hold it for 30 seconds.
         4.Reconnect all the cables back again and turn on the laptop
    Otherwise you can try with bios default.
    For doing a bios default follow the below steps:
          1.Turn off the computer.
          2.After you turn on the computer, keep tapping F2 button
          3.Once you enter bios setup utility screen, press F9 and highlight yes and give enter to load default settings
          4. Then press F10, highlight yes and give enter to save and restart the computer
    The above steps have a chance to fix the problem. Good luck
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