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acer predator helios 300 ph315-51 battery drain

rajendra2341rajendra2341 Posts: 1Member New User
my battery lasts for only half hour after full charge , even when i dont play games , i just listen to music and make ppt and pdfs  and use some internet .its been 8 months after purchase.what can be  the problem how to solve it.


  • SharanjiSharanji Posts: 4,081ACE Pathfinder
    Hi @rajendra2341 ;

    Try to perform a simple power reset and check the issue. Shutdown the laptop. Disconnect the charger. Please check for a battery reset PIN hole at the bottom of the device. The reset hole would have a battery symbol next to it. Insert a paperclip into the hole and press for four seconds. Let the computer sit for 5 minutes with no power. Reconnect the charger and power On the laptop

    if the issue persists, Open device manager click “Battery” and under Battery, please click “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery”. Now, do a right click on it, then click “Uninstall”. Confirm that you would like to uninstall the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery. After the uninstallation process, please restart your computer. As soon as you restart your computer, the Windows will automatically install the driver again. Please check your battery icon on the right bottom side of your Windows screen to see if it is charging.

    Also, check all the screws of the bottom case are secured correctly.
    If neither solution works and your Chromebook is less than 12 months old, contact manufacturer support for warranty service.
    Acer India support network : Acer India Support Network
    Acer India support :  https://www.acer.com/ac/en/IN/content/service-contact
    Acer worldwide : http://www.acer.com/worldwide/support/ 

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  • xapimxapim Posts: 3,139ACE Pathfinder
    edited October 15
    rajendra2341 also to add to the answer above check you battery wear either with the windows battery report, HWinfo or even in real time with battery bar pro if you wear percentage its high you have a faulty battery and has to be replaced as the cells are half dead they will not hold enough charge  also you stated <<<my battery lasts for only half hour after full charge , even when i dont play games>>> you should never play games on battery and you should also always be on AC the battery should only be used for emergency and really light works it was not made for gaming its main purpose its to aid the adapter with more power when this on cant provide enough power to the cpu/gpu this is the battery real main purpose on gaming laptops and what was designed for thats why its not removable its just a power boost for the adapter itself if you had been gaming on battery as it seems to me by your statement above you might have damaged the battery yourself by doing so

    Sharanji i was just wondering about what you wrote <<<<If neither solution works and your Chromebook is less than 12 months old, contact manufacturer support for warranty service>>  OP has a PH315-51 not a chromebook probably just a typo  :)


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    I'm not an Acer employee. (just here to help in the best way i can)
    If my answer fixed you issue please accept it for any other users who search for it would find it quickly thanks :)
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