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re AMD driver incompatibility with Windows 10 updates

barca1aubarca1au Posts: 1Member New User
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I purchased a second-hand Acer Aspire as a second laptop, the drive had been formatted and Windows 10 re-installed, which is fine as I simply had to register it in my name. Its an AMD, something I had not experienced before, and it was running fine (I assume) until . . . . .the Windows 10  quality update at the beginning of this month when I started having problems with the system stopping if I leave the computer for a few minutes without sending it to sleep, the graphics card drivers were playing up, even after installing fresh graphics drivers from AMD, my desktop going crazy and re-arranging itself and a host of other petty annoyances that had me promptly roll back the windows update to try and get some normalcy back. The computer still plays up if I leave it longer than10 minutes, but everything else has settled down. Obviously I do not have the Acer Care Centre installed, and I would like to install it to check that I do have the correct AMD drivers, but having already spent an hour fruitlessly trying to find a copy I do not have to pay for (this comes free with other manufacturers) I am left totally frustrated. I have vision problems and am finding the layout of the website and the unintuitive names for the various sections  have defeated me. Can you please point me in the right direction so I can sort this computer out and not have to fight  with it to get it to run properly and safely do the Microsoft updates. Thank you. Model number A315-21 serial number:NXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  which incidentally your website refuses t recognise as valid in spite of your app having retreived it for me.
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